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Caravan is a feature that will be added in the next big update City of Gold. See Development roadmap and have a look at the planned updates.

The Caravan[]

In the current game version, the first Caravan cart can be obtained in Osbrook after you complete three contracts, which is also part of the main quest: Gathering the Caravan. After you obtain the first Caravan cart, Verren acts as the driver and allows quick transportation between Osbrook and Mannshire.

City of Gold[]

There were several features hinted as possible new additions for the updated Caravan system:

  • Ability to quickly traverse the new World Map that will be added with the City of Gold update
  • Ability to use Caravan as a "mobile home", offering a saving point in the wilderness
  • Ability to hire certain trainers and take them with you as followers
  • Ability to store items in the Caravan
  • Ability to (somehow) upgrade your Caravan


  • Formerly the Caravan was called Caravan of Companions.
  • It is assumed that the player leads the Caravan in Stoneshard instead of Verren.

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