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Contracts & Tasks are tasks in the world of Stoneshard. All Quests are automatically tracked by the game, you can check their status in your Journal at any time. Clicking an entry in your Journal will set it as your active Quest and the current objective step will be displayed in the top left section of the screen while adventuring.

Main Quest[]

Main quests track your progress through the game's story. Your character starts the game with the main quest already active. There are currently two main quests in the Early Access version of the game.

Escape the Dungeon is the main quest for the Prologue.

Gathering the Caravan is the main quest for the story for the Adventure Mode.


Village Contracts are the "official business" type of quests.

  • They are always tied to a specific village or town and only provided by the village elder.
  • Village Contracts have a time limit in which you have to complete it.
  • If you fail to complete the contract in the time limit, the contract is voided, you get no rewards and you lose some Reputation with the village.
  • Contracts must be turned in to the village elder who issued it after completion.
  • Completing a contract raises your Reputation with the village and always comes with a fixed reward in Crowns.

The objective may require you free a captive person, bring back a stolen item, or simply clear out a Dungeon. Sometimes you will be required to bring a proof of your deed.

Contract Mechanics[]

Offered contracts are randomly selected from a list of possible Contracts each reset. Contracts will reset every 4 in-game days.

Each contract is tied to a specific Dungeon on the map. When you set a contract as your active quest, the Dungeon in question will become marked with a small red X on your Local Map. Until you complete a contract by turning it in to the village elder, you can enter the Dungeon as many times as you want. Completing the contract will seal the respective dungeon's entrance, so you will be unable to enter until the reset.

  • Elder in Osbrook will offer up to 4 contracts per reset cycle.
  • Elder in Mannshire will offer up to 3 contracts per reset cycle.

List of Village Contracts[]

These four contracts can only be obtained from Odar in Osbrook:

  • Hapless Peasant
  • Captured Merchant
  • Captive Emissary
  • Stolen Goods

These contracts are generic and can be obtained from the elder of any village or town:

  • Return of the Necromancer
  • Stolen Grimoire
  • Lost Relic
  • Source of Corruption
  • Mysterious Glow
  • Unholy Ritual
  • Bandit's Den
  • Mysterious Disappearances
  • Intercepted Reports
  • Alchemy Kit
  • Fugitive's Hand
  • Stolen Reliquary


Individual NPCs might offer you quests specific to their own life.

  • The rewards for these requests can vary, from Crowns to Consumables and other items.
  • Commissions have no time limit.
  • Completing Commissions raises your Reputation with the Quest Giver's respective town or village.

Commission Mechanics[]

Offered commissions are always the same. All commissions can only be completed once.

  • When you select a commission as your active quest, no marker will be displayed on your map.
  • When you accept the Troll Hunt commission, the Signal Tower Point of Interest will be permanently marked on your map until you complete it, even if you don't have Troll Hunt selected as your active quest.
  • Some commissions might require finding items that can be only acquired as random drops, therefore completing some commissions might take a long time.

List of Commissions[]

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