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Enchantments are a form of magic that can appear on items, modifying the item's base name and providing extra properties.


Below is a list of possible curses that weapons and items (such as amulets and rings) can receive.

Stealing from the witch in the Witches' House will curse all of your equipped items and those in your inventory.

Unique items, such as those a character starts the game with, cannot be cursed.

  • Curse of Gnawmaw
    • Bonus: 15% Life Drain
    • Negative: 1% chance each turn to increase hunger or thirst by 25%. Higher hunger and thirst improves the bonus.
  • Curse of Sufferjoy
    • Bonus: 13%+ Weapon Damage
    • Negative: 1% chance each turn to increase pain. Higher pain improves the bonus.
  • Curse of Everfear
    • Bonus: -5% Damage Taken
    • Negative: 1% chance each turn to reduce morale. Lower morale improves the bonus.
  • Curse of Gorelust
    • Bonus: 13%+ Critical Chance
    • Negative: 1% chance per turn to lose 5% health. Low health improves the bonus.
  • Curse of Goldhoarder
    • Bonus: 28%+ Experience gain (with 6000 coins in inventory)
    • Negative: Chance per turn to lose a few coins (coins are DELETED). High amount of coins in inventory improves the bonus.
  • Curse of Soulstealer
    • Bonus: 13% Energy Drain
    • Negative: 1% chance per turn to reduce energy by 10%. Low energy improves the bonus.
  • Curse of Loudmouth
    • Bonus: 13% Control resistance
    • Negative: 2.5% chance per turn to let out a shriek which can alert enemies.


All Common can be enchanted using an Enchantment Scroll. You can enchant both items in your inventory and equipped items. Enchanting always produces an Uncommon item with a single bonus selected randomly from a list of possible bonuses. The values are fixed. Using Enchantment Scroll on an enchanted item will "reroll" the item, removing any previous enchantments and applying a new one.
Unique items cannot be enchanted.
Cursed and Rare items cannot be obtained from using the Enchantment Scroll, they can be only found as as drop from Enemies or Containers.

Enchanted Items[]

Enchanted Items are always based on a Common version of an item. They will always have the same basic properties (Footman Sword and a Rare Footman Sword both have 24 Slashing Damage, +3% Accuracy, +2% Block Chance, etc.) and the Enchanted Item will have additional bonuses. The amount of bonus properties depends on the Item Rarity: Uncommon has one, Rare has two and Cursed has two + one bonus based on the Curse type.

These item types can have Enchanted versions:

List of Enchantments[]

Below is a list of available Enchantments:

Enchantments based on Item Level (better item = higher bonus)
Affix Enchantment Item Type Bonus Bonus on Cursed item
Steady Block Power Weapons, Shields,

Armor, Jewelry

Fortifying Health Armor, Jewelry +(3-XX)
Vigorous Energy Armor, Jewelry +(6-XX)
Acidic Caustic Damage Weapons +(2-5) +(3-7)
Flaming Fire Damage Weapons +(2-5) +(3-7)
Chilling Frost Damage Weapons +(2-5) +(3-7)
Venomous Poison Damage Weapons +(2-5) +(3-7)
Electrified Shock Damage Weapons +(2-5) +(2-7)

Fixed Enchantments on Weapons
Affix Enchantment Bonus Bonus on Cursed items
Balanced Accuracy +5% +7%
Crushing Armor Damage +33% +43%
Armor-Piercing Armor Penetration +10% +13%
Barbed Bleed Chance +8% +10%
Steady Block Chance +5% +7%
Crippling Bodypart Damage +25% +33%
Nimble Cooldowns Duration -7% -13%
Dueling Counter Chance +5% +7%
Merciless Crit Chance +5% +7%
Slaying Crit Efficiency +15% +33%
Dazing Daze Chance +8% +7%
Leeching Energy Drain +8% +10%
Handy Fumble Chance -5% -7%
Forceful Knockback Chance +5% +7%
Vampiric Life Drain +8% +10%
Charged Magic Power +10% +13%
Effective Skills Energy Cost -7% -13%
Stabilized Spells Energy Cost -7% -13%
Stunning Stun Chance +3% +4%
Deadly Weapon Damage +5% +7%
Fixed Enchantments on Armor and Jewelry
Affix Enchantment Bonus Bonus on Cursed items
Antimagic Arcane Resistance +10% +7?%
Thick Bleed Resistance +10% +?%
Acidproof Caustic Resistance +10% +?%
Steady Control Resistance +10% +?%
Impact-Resistant Crushing Resistance +5% +7%
Elusive Dodge Chance +3% +4%
Restorative Energy Restoration +3% +6%
Fireproof Fire Resistance +10% +13%
Fearless Fortitude +10% +13%
Insulated Frost Resistance +10% +?%
Metabolic Healing Efficiency +15% +?%
Healing Health Restoration +3% +?%
Satiating Hunger Resistance +15% +20%
Purifying Intoxication Resistance +15% +?%
Steady Move Resistance +10% +?%
Antimagic Magic Resistance +5% +7%
Reliable Nature Resistance +5% +7%
Noiseless Noise Produced -10% -13%
Enchanted Pain Resistance +15% +?%
Impenetrable Physical Resistance +3% +4%
Impenetrable Piercing Resistance +5% +7%
Antivenom Poison Resistance +10% +20%
Antipsionic Psionic Resistance +10% +?%
Hunting Rending Resistance +5% +7%
Grounded Shock Resistance +5% +7%
Impenetrable Slashing Resistance +5% +7%
Blessed Unholy Resistance +10% +?%

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