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NPCs is an abbreviation for Non-Player Characters, meaning any creatures that you can meet in the world of Stoneshard. NPCs can have various roles and act according to them.

Friendly NPCs[]

Friendly NPCs are creatures you can interact with, usually talk or trade. Most friendly NPCs are other humanoids commonly concentrated in Towns, but there are exceptions - for example, the Witch, who resides in the Witch's Hut, her solitary abode. Most friendly NPCs have a specific role or profession assigned. Most friendly NPCs are also willing to trade, usually offering food or more specific goods or services. Some NPCs will offer Contracts.

Lists of friendly NPCs[]

Prologue NPCs
Osbrook NPCs
Name Occupation
Ormond Butcher
Jurg Carpenter
Ram Drunkard
Odar Elder
Rickerd Emissary
Margyt Food Trader
Gina Fruit Trader
Random Guard (6x)
Frid Herbalist
Brukk Innkeeper
Random Innkeeper (female)
Alan Miller
Bert Merchant
Rona Peasant
Ursa Peasant
Random Peasant (4x)
Random Sergeant
Jebar Smith
Anselm Stableman
Hold Tailor
Mannshire NPCs
Name Occupation
Lynd Apprentice
Dirk Carpenter
Lotar Drunkard
Frida Drunkard
Knud Elder
Agna Food Trader
Gunda Food Trader
Weber Governor
Random Guard (2x)
Selma Hostess
Arenn Innkeeper
Gerlot Merchant
Uta Merchant's Daughter
Hilda Old Woman
Celz Peasant
Alba Peasant
Josh Priest
Rald Shepherd
Unar Scribe
Random Sergeant
Dietrich Smith
Irma Vegetable Trader
Other NPCs
Name Occupation
Bran Trapper
Random Witch

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