Stoneshard Wiki

Traps are offensive items that inflict damage once stepped upon. When placed outside enemy vision, the trap is stealthed for them, otherwise the enemy, if they are intelligent enough (like humans or proselytes), will try to disarm the trap, with a chance for the trap to still trigger and inflict damage.

Item Inv. slots DurabilityDurabilityColumn PriceGold Properties Description Additional notes
1×2 15 Piercing Damage: +16

25% chance to cause Confusion for 5 turns.

25% chance to Immobilize for 2 turns.

Caltrops can halt even a charging horse - the Magistrate mercenaries made sure to use them liberally during the Brynn campaign. Can be set up by throwing.

Once within vision, can be picked up without any additional actions.

If landed directly onto enemy, does not inflict damage, landing onto an adjacent tile instead.

Claw Trap
Claw Trap
2×2 5 60 Rending Damage: +35

100% chance to Immobilize for 6-10 turns.

One of the primary reasons to watch your step. Loses 1 durability per trigger (including successful disarms).

A Claw Trap is armed when placed by "Use" action (placement range: 1).

Can be picked up only when disarmed.