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Treatises are books that allows the players to unlock new Skills when read. Through Treatises you can unlock all possible skills on any single character. Some characters start with several skills already unlocked but others still locked. These characters will also have to unlock the remaining skills by reading the appropriate Treatise (1).

Sorcery skill trees are divided into several Treatises that unlock different parts of the skill tree. Even if you find a Treatise of a higher rank first (like the Geomantic Treatise III), you can't put skill points into those new skills until you also learn the skills from a lower rank Treatise (like Geomantic Treatise II) and put skills into them first (2).

  • Sword Skill tree with some skills still locked (1)

  • Geomancy tree with unlocked skills from Geomantic Treatise IV (2)

Treatises can be found randomly in the dungeons or sold by the merchants Gerlot in Mannshire and another merchant in Brynn. Some Treatises can drop only from specific enemies, for example the Pyromantic Treatise IV drops only from Bandit Pyromancers.

List of Treatises[]

Item PriceGold.png
Swords Treatise I.png Swords Treatise I 300
Swords Treatise II.png Swords Treatise II 900
Swords Treatise III.png Swords Treatise III 2000
Axes Treatise I.png Axes Treatise I 300
Axes Treatise II.png Axes Treatise II 900
Axes Treatise III.png Axes Treatise III 2000
Maces Treatise I.png Maces Treatise I 300
Maces Treatise II.png Maces Treatise II 900
Maces Treatise III.png Maces Treatise III 2000
Daggers Treatise I.png Daggers Treatise I 300
Daggers Treatise II.png Daggers Treatise II 900
Daggers Treatise III.png Daggers Treatise III 2000
Two-Handed Swords Treatise I.png Two-Handed Swords Treatise I 300
Two-Handed Swords Treatise II.png Two-Handed Swords Treatise II 900
Two-Handed Swords Treatise III.png Two-Handed Swords Treatise III 2000
Two-Handed Maces Treatise I.png Two-Handed Maces Treatise I 300
Two-Handed Maces Treatise II.png Two-Handed Maces Treatise II 900
Two-Handed Maces Treatise III.png Two-Handed Maces Treatise III 2000
Two-Handed Axes Treatise I.png Two-Handed Axes Treatise I 300
Two-Handed Axes Treatise II.png Two-Handed Axes Treatise II 900
Two-Handed Axes Treatise III.png Two-Handed Axes Treatise III 2000
Spears Treatise I.png Spears Treatise I 300
Spears Treatise II.png Spears Treatise II 900
Spears Treatise III.png Spears Treatise III 2000
Ranged Weapons Treatise I.png Ranged Weapons Treatise I 400
Ranged Weapons Treatise II.png Ranged Weapons Treatise II 1200
Ranged Weapons Treatise III.png Ranged Weapons Treatise III 2500
Shields Treatise I.png Shields Treatise I 300
Shields Treatise II.png Shields Treatise II 900
Shields Treatise III.png Shields Treatise III 2000
Staffs Treatise I.png Staffs Treatise I 300
Staffs Treatise II.png Staffs Treatise II 900
Staffs Treatise III.png Staffs Treatise III 2000
Dual Wielding Treatise I.png Dual Wielding Treatise I 250
Dual Wielding Treatise II.png Dual Wielding Treatise II 750
Dual Wielding Treatise III.png Dual Wielding Treatise III 2000
Combat Mastery Treatise I.png Combat Mastery Treatise I 250
Combat Mastery Treatise II.png Combat Mastery Treatise II 750
Combat Mastery Treatise III.png Combat Mastery Treatise III 2000
Combat Mastery Treatise IV.png Combat Mastery Treatise IV 4500
Athletics Treatise I.png Athletics Treatise I 250
Athletics Treatise II.png Athletics Treatise II 750
Athletics Treatise III.png Athletics Treatise III 2000
Athletics Treatise IV.png Athletics Treatise IV 4500
Pyromantic Treatise I.png Pyromantic Treatise I 400
Pyromantic Treatise II.png Pyromantic Treatise II 1200
Pyromantic Treatise III.png Pyromantic Treatise III 2400
Pyromantic Treatise IV.png Pyromantic Treatise IV 5000
Geomantic Treatise I.png Geomantic Treatise I 400
Geomantic Treatise II.png Geomantic Treatise II 1200
Geomantic Treatise III.png Geomantic Treatise III 2400
Geomantic Treatise IV.png Geomantic Treatise IV 5000

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